An International Scientific Committee

The Interniational Scientific Committee defines the main thematic orientations of the conference and selects guest speakers. In 2017, the members of this committee were the following (the majority of them will be renewed in 2019):

President : Pr. Patrick DIAMOND (UCSD, USA), laureate of the Alfvén Prize

Vice President : Dr. Xavier GARBET (CEA, France), CNRS Silver medal

Scientific Secretary : Dr. Yanick SARAZIN (CEA, France)

Peter BEYER (Aix-Marseille Univ., France)Alain POCHEAU (IRPHE, France)
Susana CAPPELLO (RFX, Padova, Italy)Abhijit SEN (IPR, India
Fausto CATTANEO (Univ. Chicago, USA)Andrei SMOLYAKOV (Univ. of Saskatchewan, Canada)
Philippe GHENDRIH (CEA, FranceHideo SUGAMA (LHD NIFS, Japan)
Özgür GÜRCAN (LPP, France) Steven TOBIAS (University of Leeds, UK)
Taik-Soo HAHM (Seoul National University, Korea) François WAELBROECK (IFS, Univ. Texas, USA)
Eric SONNENDRÜCKER (Max Planck IPP, Germany)George TYNAN (UCSD, USA)
David HUGHES (University of Leeds, UK)
XiaoGang WANG (Peking University, China)
Wolf-Christian MÜLLER (MP-IPP, Germany)
Weixing WANG (PPPL, USA)
Marco PETTINI (Aix-Marseille Univ, France)

A Local Committee

A Local Committee has also been set up to manage the conference at the local level: booking and management of the conference venue, logistics, organization of the gala evening, management of participants and accommodation, dissemination of information to participants and search for funding. Most of the members of this committee are people working at CEA Cadarache’s Research Institute on Magnetic Confinement Fusion (IRFM):

Guilhem DIF-PRADALIERPrésident
Valérie ICARDSecrétaire
Karine DANIONLogistique
David ZARZOSOProgramme « Festival Fellows »
Virginie GRANDGIRARDLogistique
Marie BAYLESite Web
Guillaume LATUInformatique & Réseaux
Sylvie GIBERTAides financières