René Pellat Festival Memorial Prize

René Pellat was an astrophysicist and a specialist in plasma physics. A recognized researcher and teacher, he went through the CEA, the École Polytechnique and was President of the CNRS, High Commissioner for Atomic Energy at the end of his career. Thanks to him, exceptional progress has been made brought into the physics of plasmas, but he is also a little responsible for the creation of ITER on the Cadarache site. The Prize René Pellat, has a namesake within the French Society of Physics, of course these two awards have nothing in common except the domain, the prestige and the name. It is in his memory and for the second year that the Theory Festival honors a young physicist to reward him for his contribution to research on plasma physics at the Theorie Festivals, by awarding him the « René Pellat Memorial Festival Prize ».

HAIHONG Che laureate 2017
HAIHONG Che during the Festival de Théorie on 2017

The first winner in 2017 is HAIHONG Che.  « Dr. Che has opened new doors thanks to his contribution in the field of plasma physics. His work has enabled the realization of synthetic numerical simulations, theoretical analyzes as well as a fine understanding of experimental data which brought unique and innovative results. She has been creative in developing new approaches to elucidate fundamental plasma interactions. His contributions to the Festival in 2015 and 2017 were highly appreciated for their pioneering and stimulating character.  »