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Main Page for Festival Wiki

This is the wiki page for the festival de théorie. If you have a user name and a password for this wiki. You can use these to log in (top right corner), which will allow you to edit these pages. If you don't have a user name but think you should, contact me either physically during the festival (sound waves are fine), or by email.

If you have a password, it was probably sent to you by and email from You should change this password first to something you can remember, but please don't reuse the same password that you use for something important (see [1]), wiki passwords do not usually need to be extremely secure but nonetheless some effort would be appreciated.

If you have a password you can go about editing stuff, by clicking the edit link at the top of any page you want to edit. Note that you have the right to delete stuff also. It is common wiki courtesy to start a "discussion" (see the discussion link at the top) about the page content before deleting or substantially modifying content that is written by someone else.

About the Festival



Getting started with wiki

Previous Festivals

Sand Box

You can experiment wiki editing freely using the page below:

Sand Box