Festival de Théorie 2021

Owing to the current epidemic situation, the in-person 4-weeks 12th edition of the Festival de Théorie has been postponed to June-July, 2022. 

As 11th edition, we will be running a series of online Zoom « Festival de Theorie Lectures » in the spirit of our long tutorials, accessible and pedagogic.

This online series starts on June 1st, 2021 and runs through July 2nd, 2021 at a rate of 3 seminars per week (TuesdaysWednesdays and Fridays), at 18:00 (Paris) – 9am (San Diego) – 00:00 (Beijing)

The programme is reproduced below.

We hope to see you online for fruitful discussions before resuming to our more usual format.

Best wishes

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Zhibin Guo, winner of the « René Pellat Festival Memorial Prize » 2019

Zhibin Guo, presently associate professor at Peking University, is the winner of the 2019 « René Pellat Festival Memorial Prize ». The prize was awarded by Dr. Alain Bécoulet, head of the[…]

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A special day in honor of Uriel Frisch at the Festival de Théorie !

The Festival de Théorie is held every two years in Aix-en-Provence and aims at fostering interdisciplinary research activity in the field of magnetised plasmas – including controlled fusion, space and[…]

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gala diner

Gala dinner on July 11, 2019

The 10th Festival de Théorie invite you to join the gala dinner held in « l’Aquabella » The René Pellat Memorial Festival Prize wil be awarded during the opening of the Gala[…]

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Etienne Klein Public conference

5 juillet 2019 / 18 h 30 min – 20 h 30 min What is emptiness full of?This conference will be held in French

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Every two years the « festival de Théorie » aims to promote interactions beetween PhD students, postdocs and young scientists in fusion plasma physics & related fields (including theory, simulation and experiment) with leading reseachers from around the world, in a collaborative environment where current ideas are discussed.

This year’s topic is « Phase Dynamics »

For 2019, the Program is organized around a four-week courses of study and research involving a core group of prominent scientists closely interacting with a small group of competitively selected graduate & postgraduate Fellows.

WEEKS 1 & 2

The program commences with two weeks of Seminar by prominent scientists and a serie of Principales Lectures broadening Seminar topics.

WEEKS 3 & 4

Research projects are pursued in weeks 3 & 4 . They aim at associating about 10 competitively-selected Fellows with Research Scientists & Lecturers on topics spanning plasma physics, fluid dynamics, astrophycics & applied mathematics


is offered to help offset the cost of round-trip travel to Aix-en-Provence. Housing facilities are also available. We recommend that applicants requiring a Visa contact their own Embassis at least three months prior to travel.

Research Projects – Fellows

About ten competitive fellowships are available for graduate students and Postdoctorates. The program is competitive: fellows are selected based on the applicant’s previous academic and scientific achievements and promise as future scientist.


should send David Zarzoso


[cc. Guilhem Dif-Pradalier

<guilhem.dif-pradalier@cea.fr>  ]


• their CV, a description of their research work and 1-2 sample publications, if available.


• They should also include the contact information for one referee, presumably their research supervisor.


• Applicants should include a brief statement of what they seek to accomplish at the Festival, how they would contribute to, and profit from, such an interdisciplinary activity.

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