Etienne Klein Public Conference

« What is emptiness full of? »

The « Festival de Théorie »

The Festival de Théorie is an initiative that aims at fostering interdisciplinary research activity in the field of magnetised plasmas – including controlled fusion, space and astrophysics, with connections to fluid mechanics and geophysics, among others. These meetings are organized in July every odd year in Aix-en-Provence (France) since 2001. They usually gather 25 to 35 international…
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Registration is now open

Hello to all! We know it, we are a little late this year! The new site is more or less the cause! The registration is now open, you just have to fill the form!

Aix is busy in July… please make plans for your accommodation and, if you need a visa, please make sure that you apply early to get it

If in doubt please contact (cc: